G1 – first try

January 23, 2009 at 10:31 am Leave a comment

Yesterday I had the chance to check the G1 from a pure user perspective.


If you want to read something about the features and the specs you will find a lot – just search for “G1 vs. iPhone”. I am not going to talk about features and specs. tbh – I don’t care that much that the G1 weights 158g and the iPhone weights 133g. Important for me is the first impression and the first user experience. Do I immediately feel comfortable to use is? Am I curious to explore more functions of the device?

Long story short: the G1 didn’t strike me that much. For sure – it is a nice device if I compare it with all the other smart phones and palms. But it is by far not as intuitive and user friendly compared with the iPhone.


To all the iPhone users:

  • Do you still remember the impression and experience when you used the iPhone the first time?
  • Are you still amazed about the ease of use?
  • Are you still enthused when you use the iPhone?

For the G1 this will be a tough job to outplay.


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