End of the investment hype in web 2.0 & co?!

February 25, 2009 at 8:26 am Leave a comment

Didn’t we know it? Didn’t we learn in the late nighties? Startups and business cases which are based on hype and me-too effects are often not the best investment opportunities.
As a matter of fact during the web 2.0 hype people asked me why we don’t invest in such business cases.

Our answers were based on some simple questions:

  • What’s the business model?
  • How can a startup earn money?
  • How defensible is the case (technology, service, positioning)?

During the last weeks I spoke with a lot of investors (business angels and VCs) about their investment stragegy and the sectors which might be interesting in the future.
Long story short: nobody mentioned web 2.0, ad-funded cases, mobile commumities and other similar cases.


Entry filed under: Entrepeneurs, Investments, Startups, Venture Capital.

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