Over 18 years of experience as a manager, entrepreneur, business angel and venture capitalist

I joined Target Partners as a venture partner in 2007 and became a partner in 2009.

In the past I have invested as a business angel in young IT and Internet companies.

I also founded Collax Inc. (Boston and Munich) in 2005, a Linux server solutions vendor, and served as CEO of the company until the end of 2006. Prior to that, I was an investor and Chief Sales Officer of Cobion AG, an IT security solutions provider which we successfully sold to ISS Internet Security Systems Inc. (Atlanta) in 2004. From 1999 to 2002 I was a management board member at ACG AG, a company publicly quoted on the Frankfurt stock exchange.

Since 1994 I served in various management positions in the IT sector, including asSenior VP for Marketing and a management board member of Minolta GmbH.

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