10 year anniversary of Target Partners

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Target Partners invests in young technology companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 10 years. Through our personal commitment, a global network and our deep experience as entrepreneurs, managers and venture capital investors, we support our portfolio companies.

This March we celebrated our 10th anniversary.

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Interesting perspective on the virtual (social) world

He brings it right to the point…

Carnegie Mellon University Professor, Jesse Schell, dives into a world of game development which will emerge from the popular “Facebook Games” era.


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I can’t agree more – 12 Ways To Blow Your Investor Pitch

What a great presentation: straight to the point with a perfect visualization.

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The Future of Social Gaming

Very interesting presentation about Social Gaming:

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The Death of MySpace – consolidation of the social web

The consolidation of smaller social web sites have already started. Nobody needs more than one sport community or more than one social community for young mothers. Well, only a small group of people might be active for a longer time in niche social community.

This movie tells the story about the consolidation of even bigger social web sites. I am more than snoopy about the future of MySpace, Xing, etc.

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Munich Venture Summit 2010

The Munich Venture Summit 2010 will take place on February 27th and I am going to join as a speaker. This year the event is focusing on startups and investment in the sectors of CleanTech and GreenIT.

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How to Pitch a VC

Today I found a very interesting as well as funny presentation. It’s explaining how a pitch in front of a Venture Capital investor should be. Maybe it is in some parts slightly exaggerated but at the end it’s really getting to the point. I hope that a lot founders will read this presentation and will change their approach and their pitch.

We would have much more fun…

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