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World Wide Web turns 20

This month (March 2009) the World Wide Web will turn 20 years old. Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented this world-changing layer on top of the Internet in 1989. It’s hard to overstate the impact this young technology has had already and it’s even more exciting to think about where it’s going in the future.

Tim still has great ideas about where the web should go next. His vision is of a major advance that could serve as the foundation for innovations that we can’t even imagine today.

One year ago Berners-Lee said that all the pieces needed to build a new Semantic Web are now in place. Last month he gave an impassioned talk about a related concept called Linked Data. The gist of the idea is that we need every institution that can do so to put raw data in a standardized format up on the web.

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March 14, 2009 at 9:23 am 2 comments

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