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A real story about Twitter and Social Media

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To be honest I was a bit skeptical if Twitter is more than just telling my friends and followers that I am waiting for the next flight or other “interesting” and “thrilling” stuff .

Well, I gave it a try and started to post tweets two or three weeks ago. Sometimes I posted interesting links sometimes I shared my opinion.

Here comes the funny and somehow exciting story:

Some years ago I got an idea of a new business case. In order to not disclose the related companies I won’t explain which case it is.

I’ve tried to convince young potential founders in Germany to start such a business model. Well, nobody executed or even started.

About three weeks ago I’ve seen an announcement of a Silicon Valley start-up with more or less exactly the same case.

I wrote a tweet about this Silicon Valley based start-up. Just 10 hours later the CEO sent me an email. We never met and we aren’t connected on LinkedIN or Xing. My tweet found its way to him…

This event convinced me totally about the power and impacts of Social Media and especially Twitter.

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